Задания из учебника английского языка Starlight 10 Student’s bookModule 1. Unit 1.5

Think of as many words as possible related to entertainment. Compare them with your partner.

Describe the pictures. What forms of entertainment do you prefer?

Match the headings (A-H) to texts 1-7. Use each heading only once. There is one extra heading you do not need to use.
1 — D, 2 — G, 3 — A, 4 — B, 5 — F, 6 — E, 7 — C

Explain the underlined words in the text. Then translate texts 5 and 7 into Russian. 

Fill in: overnight, popular, wonders, holiday, run, junk, childcare, to make, latest, packed, cost. Use the phrases In sentences of your own.

1 junk food
2 to make matters worse
3 childcare centre
4 packed auditorium
5 popular stories
6 holiday season
7 latest production
8 do wonders
9 run workshops
10 become a star overnight

 Listen as you read the texts again. Imagine the texts are from the 9 o’clock news. Make notes on each text and tell your partner what was on the news.
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