Задания из учебника английского языка Starlight 10 Student’s bookModule 4 — Unit 4.9 Writing: Argumentative. Решения с переводом.

Перевод рекомендаций по написанию аргументированного эссе

Match the quotations to the essay topics.

a) Read the rubric and answer the questions.

b) Read the two models and decide which one is the best. Justify your decision.

c) Underline the topic sentences in the main body paragraphs in Model 1. Replace them with other appropriate ones.

1. the pros and cons of package holidays
2. your teacher
3. advantages: economical, everything is organised for you, travel in a group with people who share your interests
disadvantages: not very relaxing, little flexibility, heavy itinerary
4. formal or semi-formal

Model 1 is the best. It is written in a semi-formal style, a different paragraph is used for each point made, each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that is supported with examples and linkers. There is a balanced conclusion that briefly summarises the previous points.

Alternative topic sentences: There are many good reasons for opting for a package holiday. / On the other hand, there are some bad points to booking a package holiday.

Ответы с переводом

Look at the words in bold in the models above. Which: list points? conclude! link similar ideas? add points! make contrasting points? Replace them with other appropriate words or phrases.

Посмотрите на слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом в моделях выше. Что нужно: найти перечисления, завершающие фразы, связующие, вводные и противопоставляющие слова. Замените их другими подходящими словами или фразами.

list points: Firstly, Secondly, Furthermore, To start with, First of all, Finally
conclude: To sum up, All in all
link similar ideas: Furthermore, In addition, Also
add points: Furthermore, In addition, Also
make contrasting points: However, On the one hand … on the other hand

Firstly ➝ To begin with
Secondly ➝ Also
Furthermore ➝ Moreover
However ➝ But
To start with ➝ First of all
In addition ➝ A further point is that
For example ➝ This means that
To sum up ➝ In conclusion
On the one hand … on the other hand ➝ While …